Synopsis of Screenplay


Love Prohibited, the movie, is about an exciting true life experience.  It tells a unique love story, based on the novel 'Till I'm with You Again', written by the heroine, Edna Jeffrey. 

The movie screenplay from Edna Jeffrey's novel was written by the five-times Emmy-nominated Thom Racina.

The character of "Jane Martin" - Edna Jeffrey in real life - is a charming and beautiful young woman who moves from San Francisco to New York in 1940, to pursue a career in acting and modeling. 

In New York, Jane meets Ali, a wealthy and handsome young Middle Eastern diplomat.  The two fall instantly and deeply in love.

On their first date, Jane and Ali romance around Manhattan. The chemistry between the two is crackling like electricity, drawing a small crowd of infatuated friends and onlookers to follow the two. 

At an outdoor dance club in Greenwich Village, Jane and Ali sing and dance romantically to the music of a Benny-Goodman-style big band.  They both have beautiful trained voices, and they both are great dancers.  The night is full of joy.

However, after their first date, the events suddenly take a dramatic and very unexpected turn.  When meeting Jane for the second time, Ali delivers catastrophic news:  he has been forbidden from ever seeing Jane again. 

The heartbroken Ali explains to Jane that this has to do with his extremely conservative royal family and its social standing, traditions and religious beliefs, as well as a political power struggle in which Ali has become involved.

This scene is very sad and poignant, as both Jane and Ali are devastated and broken in tears.  Right before the scene, the movie shows a clip of Ali's father and other high-ranking Muslim leaders meeting in a Middle Eastern castle, the night before:

Information about Ali's love interest had rapidly leaked overseas.  The group is determined to put a stop to Ali's love affair by any cost.  The leaders decide to give Ali a chance to save Jane from the most cruel way of eliminating the problem - her assassination.  In an ultimatum given to Ali, he is forced to agree never to see Jane again.

Thus, Ali has taken a great risk by arranging to meet Jane this one last time.  The meeting takes place in a big secrecy, as Ali wants to make sure he won't be followed and caught and that Jane shall not be hurt.

After heartbreaking goodbyes, Ali and Jane separate in grief.  Upon their separation, Ali makes a pledge of eternal love to Jane.

The two now go on living their lives as singles.  Ali soon returns to his homeland, and Jane ends up moving back to San Francisco, where she resumes her career as a cabaret singer.

During this segment, seven years are shown going by rather quickly, and - in between - flashbacks are shown of Jane and Ali romancing, singing and dancing together in Manhattan.

Then in 1947, Ali is shown returning to USA and flying for a business meeting in San Francisco. 

In San Francisco, Ali and his male friends are shown enjoying a "boys' night" out, when at a hotel nightclub - unexpectedly - Ali notices Jane performing on stage. Jane does not recognize Ali and his friends in the audience.

With a permission from the club manager, Ali proceeds to surprise Jane during her performance, by entering the stage from behind Jane's back, through the curtains.  As Jane is shown singing the same love song the two had sang together on their very first date in New York, seven years before, Ali now joins the totally stunned Jane in the singing on stage.

Ali and Jane now end up enjoying another breathtakingly adorable evening together, again singing, dancing and romancing - only instead of New York, this time in San Francisco.

However, Jane is wary of committing her heart to Ali again, as she does not want to be hurt a second time.  Ali and Jane part that night on very happy terms.

Meanwhile, however, Ali's treacherous close assistant, who has been seen accompanying Ali throughout the movie, has planned a conspiracy against Ali.  For blackmailing purposes, having to do with money and politics, he orchestrates a well planned kidnapping of Jane.

Jane is kidnapped.  In captivity, she is poorly treated by her captors, Ali's crooked assistant and his helpers.  Yet, at one point Jane nearly manages to escape.

Ali organizes a widespread search to find Jane.  Finally, with the help from a cab driver, he succeeds in locating her.  At Jane's place of captivity, a struggle occurs, during which Jane gets shot by Ali's deceiving assistant.

Nevertheless, in the end Ali triumphs, but not before he has had to kill his ex-assistant.  Rescued, Jane recovers from the ordeal, which had come to involve the FBI and even the President of the United States of America.

Ali now has to return to his homeland.  With teary eyes, the two part once again, as Ali is shown reclaiming his pledge of eternal love to Jane.

Next, the chain of events moves forward by 54 years.  Jane is now in her mid-eighties, living in Marin County, California.  She has a son, but she is divorced from her husband, a high ranking U.S. Air Force officer and a decorated World War Two fighter pilot.

One morning in the year 2001, unexpectedly, Ali appears to Jane in a strange but very real and vivid way.  Jane is strongly halted as she walks across the room.  She is confronted with a powerful flashback of Ali, as he had been in the 1940s.

Ali is shown assisting Jane to her reclining chair.  As the stunned Jane is shown holding hands with and staring at Ali, the audience is taken back to the year 1940 New York and to a number of scenes with Ali and Jane in Manhattan. 

With help of special cinematography, partly similar - although advanced - to the type used in the movie 'Ghost', the film visualizes how Jane and Ali communicate and how they sing and dance together, again as a young loving couple, as they were in the 1940s.

The audience is made fully aware that what Jane - Edna in real life - now sees, is visible to her only.  Edna is shown resting in her reclining chair, contently, with her eyes closed and with a warm smile on her face.

Ali has proven to Jane in a concrete way that his pledge of eternal love is real, by appearing to Jane 54 years after having rescued her in 1947, and by continuing to communicate with her now.

The movie ends here, to scenes of Ali and Jane embracing.

Newly-composed original songs by a Grammy-winning recording artist and authentic music from the 1940s will be featured in the movie.  Several songs will be sung by the main characters. 

However, the movie will not be a musical in the traditional sense. Enhanced by music, special effects and cinematography, the movie will present a well balanced mixture of a fascinating love story and an intriguing high suspense action thrill, with a captivating spiritual aspect embedded in the story-line.

In a clever way, this movie is bound to ease tensions caused by the current faith-based international crises, by juxtaposing the Islamic and Christian faiths in a positive and timely fashion, and by focusing on the two most important elements that unite all world's major religions:  

  1. Love  
  2. The trust in the continuity of life hereafter. 

In addition to true events, some fictional elements have been included.