FORBIDDEN – the movie

Plot Summary

Edna, a woman in her eighties, is surprised one morning by a visit from Ali Yilmaz, a young Middle Eastern gentleman whom she knew and loved briefly in the 1940s.

Ali, who may be a spirit - but is more than real to Edna -, returns to her again and again, reminding her of the romance she had with him when she was known as Jane Martin, a young would-be model in New York City and a jazz singer in San Francisco.

That adventure, so long ago, was laced with love and intrigue, politics and danger. She now remembers it clearly - both the romantic thrills and the heartbreak of separation. Fortunately for Edna and Ali, they are now reunited and will always be so, even after Edna joins him on the "other side".

Love Prohibited will be a remarkable movie, filled with song and dance, laughter and tears, the winged flight of first love and the pain of separation, mixed with an international struggle for high-level political power.

The movie begins in 1941, just before USA joins World War II, blooms as East and West make their Cold War claims, and ends in the emotional aftermath of 9-11. Or - does this story really have an ending? Perhaps this is just a beginning ...